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Welcome to HPS International Consulting

Provide financial lobbying and government public relations for your growth

HPS International Consulting is the premier pan-African firm to provide investment and strategic communications services to African governments, multinational institutions and global investors in Africa.

How to win in Africa? Get in touch with lobbyists!

Be smarter. The right strategy can unlock strong and profitable growth.

Multinational enterprises and strategic development in Africa are difficult. You have to be smarter when trying to get into an Africa investment opportunity and finalize the deal with the host country authorities.

Contact us today to find out the best ways to influence government officials in the country where we operate, analyze and manage country risk, why you should hire a financial lobbyist and what you can do for you. ensuring that your voice is heard by relevant government officials and decision makers. Financial lobbying and economic communication are in our DNA.

Why choose HPS International Consulting

We pioneered financial reporting and economic communication – We changed the philosophy of lobbying and government public relations in Africa – We are the leader and continue to win

We have the best team of lobbyists and government public relations

We are recognized as a leader in investor relations and financial reporting

We work with the prosperity and reputation of your organization in mind

Happy to discuss your requirement

Contact us today and one of our investment lobbyists or risk industry analysts will talk to you

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Découvrez ici quelques-unes de nos réalisations qui s’inscrivent dans cette volonté d’avoir « le bon impact » dans l’avenir de chacun.

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