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Investors Relations & Financial Lobbying


HPS International Consulting has established itself as a leading investor relations and capital markets advisory firm servicing various local institutions and multinational companies in the identification of new business opportunity in 30 countries in Africa and the sources of funding from the main international financial markets.

If you do not have an in-house specialist for financial communications and investor relations, we offer you the possibility to transfer all the tasks of investor relations to our firm. For many of our clients, we are the first contact for investor relations consulting and advise the company on all relevant issues through our strategic investment communication and financial information tools: HPS Finance Eco Magazine and HPS Television and eWatch Africa Investment Analytica we are the leading investor relations and capital lobbying firm on the markets we serve.

We have developed strategically valuable relationships with local governments and the key players in the investment community. In this way, we make contact with relevant investors, analysts and media for our clients and support them in achieving their ambitious goals in Investor Relations.

Our Strategic Investor Relations Consulting gives you better access to investors, analysts and the media, and can influence their opinions and decision-making processes in your favor.

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