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We are a global organization, unified in our approach.

Our global structure means we can respond faster than our competitors. We can access the right people and assemble high-performing teams to deliver exceptional client service worldwide.

Our structure is composed of the Executive and Regions.

The Executive includes our global leadership and governance bodies working together to oversee our global strategy, brand, business planning, investments and priorities.
Our 15 Regions are grouped under four geographic Areas: Europe; America, Asia and Middle East, Africa.

HPS International Consulting Ltd (UK) has been the principal governance entity of the global HPS International Consulting organization before its relocation to Cameroon. HPS” is the brand under which member Firms of HPS International Consulting operate and provide investment and lobbying services in their respective jurisdictions. Each HPS International Consulting is a separate legal entity and has no liability for another entity’s acts or omissions. “HPS” Comprises HPS International Consulting Ltd (UK), HPS International Consulting S.A (Cameroon), HPS International Consulting S.A (Côte d’Ivoire), HPS International Consulting S.A (Rwanda), and their respective affiliated services and subsidiaries that comprise: Ewatch Africa Investment Analytica Plc, HPS Finance Eco, HPS Television Plc, Africa Governance Report Inc. The trademark and logo “HPS”, is the registered trademarks of the global HPS International Consulting Plc.

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